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I hope 5 years down the road this will be the avenue I will look back on.

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New Year's Resolution.
Monday, January 27, 2014 ▪ 11:02 AM

Well, is it too late to post my New Year's Resolution?but i guess better late than never! oh how cliche. haha. I'm not a resolution person but there are 2 goals I want to achieve in 2014.

1) Be Decisive

Many times when my friends ask me "Where do you want to eat?" and i will answer "I don't know, you decide." I've came to realise it is because I do not want to take the responsibility of making a wrong decision on places to eat. What if my friends' don't like that food, etc?

And once my friend decided on a restaurant to eat, for example "Sakae Sushi", we will stand outside the restaurant and they will ask "is sake sushi alright?" and I will answer.... "I don't mind... If you are okay with it, I am okay with it" at times, my friend will think that I don't like it and she will reply, "okay, we find another restaurant"

You see, so much time could have been saved if I were to make a decision from the start. That's why, my number 1 resolution for 2014 is to be DECISIVE.

2) Losing Weight

I know, I know.... I have been saying I want to lose weight for don't know how many donkey years but this year's motivation is simple. Firstly,  I am gonna graduate from polytechnic this year and I want to look my best in my graduation attire! Secondly, I am turning 21 this year and I do not want to look chubby or bui bui during m party :( I've gained so much weight during my 3 month stint in Shanghai. Oh good lord, the food here are so freaking oily. They literally use oil like FREE. I can still feel my breakfast oil swimming in my stomach. Yuck, gross.

I am gonna do a detox thing when I am back in Singapore on the 11th AND Run twice everyday if time allows. Still thinking if i should go back to archery though.

Yeap, that's about it! As I am typing this now, I am only left with 4 more days working in Shanghai. Holymoly, how time fliesssssss~

till then!


Friday, January 24, 2014 ▪ 4:48 PM

Last year christmas was the most emotional day I had in Shanghai because that day, everyone was out with their friends and when I was checking my instagram, there were so many happy faces with their families, the presents they had gotten, etc etc. and then it hit me.... i was alone in a foreign land. I cried while I was having PAO MIAN alone T_T but when I skyped with them.... the feeling was magical! haha. I met 2 of my new baby cousins! 

my maid


Family <3

We sang christmas carols together 

and we closed in prayers to remind us that Jesus is still the centre of it all this christmas! 

A week later, my brother send me a link titled - The Girl in Shanghai. Well, apparently that day, they had a games section and it was all about me. As you all already know me, I love to take photos so much! and my brother took my photos from my Facebook and their task was to mimic my pose! haha 

I think jeany will laugh damn loudly if she sees this! haha 

My cousin was actually trying to do a levitation shot. haha 

Here's the video! 

Yeap, that's about it. After skyping with my familes, Grace and Vi were back from bar! They were so nice to come back earlier for me to celebrate christmas with me! Look at the beautiful beautiful christmas tree that Gracie and Vi bought! I was so bloody broke that period and I don't wanna waste unnecessary money. Okay in case you are wondering.... I was left with 300 RMB! Holymolychickenholy!  

Beautiful Vi! 

Presents that I got from Vi's parents, grace and vi! 

Vodka madness! 

We sang the whole night that day and I slept at 3 and I went to work the next day! 

Bought some presents for my colleagues and I gave the company's ahyi one box. She is the nicest to me during my first week in office!  

Oh good lord, I really don't wanna leave Shanghai! 

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▪ 4:19 PM

well, if you love to sing Karaoke, China Karaoke's prices are the best and the most affordable!!! 
A few weeks back (this was last year btw, haha) my friend cassie, pestered me so badly to meet her friends to have lunch and to sing K. I hesitated so much because if you know me, I CAN'T SING FOR NUTSSSSSSS! but thank God she kept pestering me... because I really enjoyed myself that day. meeting new friends and just to chillax!

We were there on a saturday afternoon and they had a promotion going on - 40RMB/3 hours and this promotion includes - Green Tea, popcorn, wang wang and Halls mint! LOL.  Converting back to singapore dollars, you can enjoy yourself for 3 hours with 10 SGD! 真划算!


 yay, to new friends :D that guy wearing a black jacket, he is taking courses on being a monk. Right now he is having "off days". and all of their voices are so freaking powerful!  


Greeted by a beautiful sunset after we are done singing k! 

This outlet is located at wujiaochang!  

There are a lot of  上海歌城 outlets in Shanghai! Last week, my roommates, senior and I, we went to sing K from 11pm - 6am! The promotional midnight price was 159 RMB for the whole room!   o_o So cheap and the best part was that my roommates literally singed from 11-6. I know I am a granny, I couldn't keep up with them... so I slept in the couch. hahahahahah 

Okay, back to the day when I spent time with Cassie, Ray and the monk-to-be (i forgot his name) 

We had dinner that day and it was a treat from Ray! In shanghai, there are so many grilled fish restaurants! Their prices here are pretty reasonable (and affordable) too! 

We actually made plans to go to bar and chill but after much consideration or laziness, we decided to have dessert at Honeymoon Dessert 滿記甜品. Prices for Honeymoon dessert is quite expensive, same price as Hong Kong/ Singapore! 

As I am typing this, I can't believe I am ending my internship SOON and i am so gonna miss this beautiful city. 

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Just a little wish
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 ▪ 10:42 AM

I really want to go for mission trip this year. I don't really want to ask my parents for the money since they have already paid for my flight tickets and accommodation while I am in Shanghai. So God, please work some miracle or something. 

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