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Acne Journey (I I)
Thursday, October 25, 2012 ▪ 10:29 AM

In case you have missed my my first acne journey post, don't forget to click here
And additionally my before and after photo of using Clarasonic Mia 2, Click here.

 Left Profile 
10 Aug 2012 VS Early Oct

Right Profile

So these are the products that i am using now! Definitely thanks to Kin Mun Clinic's over-the-counter creams! I'm gonna pen down all these 8 steps skin care regime and my honest opinion about the products kay! I really hope that whoever is suffering from acne now will benefit from this post :) 

1. Facial Wash

2. Toner
What I like about this facial wash and toner is that both are not scented! which is good! Trust me when i say this, you should be really weary if your skin products smell good! this means that, it is loaded with a lot of chemicals! (Personally for me, i really loathe Body Shop's product. I bought so many products from them! the seaweed range, the tea tree range but none work for my skin! instead, it broke out even more! :(   )
Sorry I digress,
the nurses gave us specific instruction for this facial wash! it was pump 10 cents worth of facial wash and add 3 drops of water and wash your face in a circular motion! Because the amount of facial wash i have on my palm is very little, this facial wash is quite hard to lather. to solve this, you can either (a) add more facial wash (b) Add more water. LOL common sense right? haha

For the Toner, it will be quite stinging to your skin when you first apply it with cotton wool! After a few days/ weeks, your skin will be pretty much get use to it!

 3a) Skin renewal Gel
BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT. LOL. I'M NOT EVEN JOKING. Please follow what the nurse say when they ask you to squeeze bean size of product + 3 droplets of water.  if you don't follow what the nurse says, your skin will burn and it will be very red.

4) Antibiotic Gel!
I love this product the best because whenever i apply this, it won't give me the stinging/burning feeling. it feels more like a cooling gel!

5) PHA Gel
No doubt, this is another lotion that will cause your whole face to be red and burning if you apply way too much! So please be careful, okay? 

 6) Acne and Oil Prevention Cream!
Another burning Product! This cream really controls my oily face really well :)

7) Avène Skin Recovery Cream
When i first started using the doctor's product, my skin was often red, dry and flaky. My nose area will always be peeling and it was so painful even when i touch it! Thank God for this recovery cream (i bought this at watsons)! It is actually a moisturiser but for more sensitive skin like mine! What i like about this recovery cream is that when i apply it even if huge amount, my face wouldn't be greasy and oily. Instead, the cream will just 'sip' through your skin and it will feel very smooth. It is kinda like a water based moisturiser. 

I always ALWAYS use it whenever i have archery trainings! The reason why this sunblock is so awesome because, it is highly blendable! you just need like 5 cent amount of product for one part of your cheek. The only thing kinda gross me out is that the plastic is make from cheap material. So when ever i have archery trainings, i will bring this a long with me and will put it in my bag. In he afternoon, when i want to reapply my sunblock, the sunblock's plastic will be so soft :/ It feels like the plastic is melted under the sun. LOL

Currently, I've been using the products for close to 3 months and i've only finished the antibiotics gel. I'm gonna visit the doctor soon after my archery competition this weekend :) 

Oh before i end,  Ombre nails! you like? heeheee


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