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Archery POL-ITE 2012
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 ▪ 1:20 PM

What an awesome long weekend. 
If you are my friends on facebook you have probably seen all the tagged photos of me during competition in your newsfeed and you would have probably figured out that i just finished 2 days competition over the weekend.  This post's pictures were from friends who brought their DSLR to shoot and I am so happy that all the photos turned out so prettily! In this POL-ITE, I took part in the Open Category (70m). Definitely a huge jump from last year's Novice category (18m).

I really love this sport so much and if i am able to go to local Uni, i would most probably continue archery. This sport is depressing (in terms of money, emotionally) and challenging (mental) sport but at the same time it is the most rewarding sport :) I am so happy that all my efforts put in this competition have paid off. I trained almost every day for the past 2 weeks carrying a HUGE hiking bag to school to train in the morning and after school. One of my lecturers even asked me if am i running away from home. HAHAHA

The journey shooting 70m wasn't easy at all.  I broke 11 nano-XR arrows in total. I would go home and cry because for every arrow that i broke, it means that $30 is gone. breaking eleven arrows meant that $330 was wasted.  I was so desperate for arrows because you can't obviously shoot with ONE arrow so I bought 2nd hand arrows from Henry! Some of Henry's arrows were cracked and scratched so it wasn't suitable for Competition and i had to buy a new dozen of arrows from coach. So now i have 2 sets of arrow. One for training and one for competition.

I remember going back home every night after training and i would cry when i was taking a bath with these thoughts in my mind,

"ah shit, this will be the first competition that i wouldn't win any medal back"
"After shooting 70m for so long, my score is still like shit, damn failure" (My score was 200/360)
"damn burden, every end i will zip arrows and i need to trouble my team mates to find arrows for me"

Just thank God, during the actual day of competition, things took a turn. My score increased by 60 points during ranking round. ^_^ Might be the fact that i prayed for damn long that night before my competition and God did assured me in a bible passage that every thing will be alright :)

With Amirah!

Xiaojun, Serena, me, Norman

Jaykay, Zhan Xian, Guo Ming

My favourite Malay boy! :) 
on the second day of competition i was quite disturbed by some things that i've found out and I asked him to go on a stroll with me during our lunch break and me being a drama mama pretended to faint on the floor and he laid down beside me on the floor and we just talked. LOL. Thanks for always listening to my whinings, fir :) 


Our club Advisor, Miss June. 
Thank you for buying drinks and desserts for our team :)

Gail, Hong Hui, Norman.

Hanim, Jia Xuan, Pearlyn, Aqidah

HAHAHA, i was the one that took this shot and i felt so happy because it is so fun to tease them and to see them blush! Look at them, look how happy they look!

Awwwww, so sweet! 

Jump shots!

Hwee Ying! 

My daddy came to support me during my ranking day. So blessed to have such loving parents! :)

My ma and pa wanted to cheer me on for my Day 2 team event but they came 15 minutes too late. 

Prize Ceremony!

Ranking Rounds. 

Individual Knock Out Event

Mixed Team Event w/ captain Tay :)

With Captain Tay. Thank you for never losing your temper whenever I 'M' or zip arrows when we were training for TKO.

Future VP and P :) So glad both of us did well. 

With my current VP.

All of us got so high after the prize ceremony! 

Helping norman to take his profile picture! 

He taught me how to pose.

and TADAH!

I love this team so much :) 

6th year Champions :) 

Want to thank my mummy for always being the first to give me the green light to buy all my archery equipments. HAHAHHAA. and my daddy for always being there for me whenever he can and sending me to and fro during my 2 days competition. 

Shin, probably my first junior that always took good care of me when i am sick. (I was sick three times and he is always there for me offering whatever help he could) Not to forget always being so sincere and patient in helping me find my arrows. Also, always there to entertain me when we run to and fro to collect our arrows. I know you will be taking a break from archery now and i will wait for you to come back so we can shoot together again.

Hong Hui, for helping me tune my arrows in between you breaks and whenever i zip my arrows you will always say "never mind, just shoot well during the competition"

Ingrid, for shooting 70m with me and supporting us during competition! Thank you for buying po chai pills for me when i had bad indigestion 2 weeks back.  Thank you for being so generous in whatever way you can. 

Look at how weak i was that day, I was so pale.

Henry and Firdaus, always taking the initiative in helping me to find my arrows when you guys see me finding my arrows alone. And always answering my random archery questions. And thank you for teaching me how to do nocking points every single time. HAHAHAHA. okay, im happy that i have finally mastered the art of doing nocking point! Thank you ^_^

Xiao Jun, for supporting me all the way during ranking rounds and helping me scope my scores! 

Kelvin, for being such a FIERCE alumni but always the kindest when we need help. Thank you for helping me to look for teflon tape when my serving was loose. 

Kevin, for encouraging me one day when i was at the shooting line because i looked so tensed shooting 70m. You have no idea how comforted i was when you asked me to calm down and just enjoy shooting.

Harry, for taking your time to teach us even though you don't need to. 

 Coach, for pushing me and never giving up on me whenever i shoot like shit. Thank you for not scolding me whenever i break my arrows.

and lastly, to NP archery club

My batch for being so fun always! 
Farhan, Norman, Geng Ming, Serena, Nicole, Qinyu, Amos, max, Yiqi 

and to my hardworking juniors! I've dedicated a post to you all at NP archery blog 2 weeks back alr ah! 

To end off,


Photos from Norman, Hweeping, Jia Xuan and Ms June. 

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Taiwan with the Tans
Friday, October 26, 2012 ▪ 10:50 AM

Saw this in my draft folder and I was surprised that Ididn't publish it 7 months back. LOL


The Tan family (except for 1 Tay >:p ) went to Taiwan during the 1 week march holidays :) This trip was very special to me because we seldom travel to far away places (we always travel to Malaysia.) so, I was really excited for this trip :) I have always wanted to go to Taiwan because there was this period (2009-2010) when im in love with Taiwanese dramas and i thought Taiwan would be fun and enjoyable and ever since last year i kept whining to my mum "I want to go Taiwan!" LOL.

 finally, FINALLY we went to Taiwan but lo and behold, Taiwan was really boring :(

The shopping there was not what I envisioned it to be. I thought it would be better than Hong Kong and boy, I was proved wrong, real wrong :(

I think the main reason why this trip was boring because my xiaoyi planned this trip and the programmes were like all scenery-related. geez. I mean you see scenery for one or two day is still bearable but you visit them for like 7 DAYS?!?! omgeeeeeeee :/

However my relatives and I definitely bonded more during this 8 days outing together and I am so thankful for them in my life! : )



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