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Mademoiselle Clara
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I hope 5 years down the road this will be the avenue I will look back on.

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Paternal's reunion
Sunday, January 22, 2012 ▪ 9:36 AM

This basically sums up my reunion dinner with my paternal side. We waited 45 mins for 2 not-so-close-cousins to arrive before we started our dinner. And when they came, one of my cousins brought her boyfriend along and she is only... 16 y/o and her boyfriend brought his friend along. My aunt was kinda pissed at her.

Oh well, on the other hand, I caught up with Rini and Tavis :)

On our way there and I'm loving my curly hair.


while waiting for the 2 cousins, Rini, Tavis and I decided to buy some sweets. too bored alr -_-

Double rainbow :) I quickly went out of the coffee shop/restaurant to check it out after seeing so many twitpics! Then  i went back in and brought my sister out to see the rainbow. 


My first angpao of the year.


Till next time. xoxo

I know CNY is coming. - one
Saturday, January 21, 2012 ▪ 12:33 AM

Okay, i know im kinda late in posting this up! Believe me, i've edited the photos  2 weeks back but i didn't get a chance to upload it because I had a hectic week in school for the past 2 weeks :(

During the last week of 2011, i received my First Gmarket item - hair extension. Because i was so excited, i wore it out to meet Rojaks.

while waiting for Nicole!

Went to The Mind Cafe for dinner. Wow, i hate that place because the service is terrible.
One thing i can't tolerate is bad service/attitude. I think as i grow older i realised i have more rights and authority. Since, im paying them for their service i think they ought to not show any bad attitude. And if they do, I will talk to them in a harsh voice. #truestory

A really really, dirty inside story.

All the presents!

 i will continue Part 2 another time. i need to turn in soon because I am having...archery training in the early morning. Ohwells. 

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Friday, January 20, 2012 ▪ 11:24 PM

1. Last minute meet up w/ Norman and he helped me to jailbreak my phone :)
2. Went to Clementi mall, had coffee + potato salad :)
3. Went to town and met up with my best friend, nicole :)
4. Bought the green dress from F21
5. Saw Jaryl and Jiale. #happygirl
6. Went to h&m

Cotton on : >

Bought this dress!

On our way to H&M we saw Jaryl and Jiale :) I was so happy to see them because i haven't been meeting up with my secondary school friends for the past few weeks! The last time i met them was during christmas celebration!

H&M : > Crowded as usual -.-

My face looks so chubby. I really regret not exercising for the whole of last week :'( and i kinda regretted not getting this orange top.

So What Will You Do This Year?
Sunday, January 1, 2012 ▪ 9:21 AM

Greetings everyone :) Happy New Year!


Believe it or not, i wanted to upload this.

So What Will You Do This Year?, originally uploaded by Clatjw.


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