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Mademoiselle Clara
Clatjw | 陈俊微。

I hope 5 years down the road this will be the avenue I will look back on.

Advertising and Public Relations,
Ngee Ann Polytechnic


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Right Back In The Water.
Thursday, April 15, 2010 ▪ 8:09 PM

Right Back In The Water., originally uploaded by iamClara..

Im taking a break and it will probaby be a few months. i will return after my 'O' levels. i know its kinda sudden but i had this thought since 2 weeks back. i've been getting really bad grades for my tests which im deeply sadden so i need to set my priorities right.
maybe i will upload during the june holidays?

will definitely miss you guys!

till next time, xoxo

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Im not going to let you go.
Monday, April 5, 2010 ▪ 8:15 PM

Im not going to let you go., originally uploaded by iamClara..

firstly, i do not why my nostril looked so big. HAHAHAA. anyway, i know i do not uplaod often here and that is because i need o manage 2 blogs which is somehow tiring. so yeah, im sorry for the lack of updates!

anw, the quality in internet explorer sucks but in google chrome is awesome.

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Im Broken.
Thursday, April 1, 2010 ▪ 8:31 PM

Im Broken., originally uploaded by iamClara..

My life is a hoax. i get the worst out of everything everytime and that sucks.

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